At EPP, it is a team of Engineers headhunting for the smartest engineers in the market. We are engineers with Computer science and Electronics background who understand technology and the quality that a product company expects from its candidature.

We believe in allocating a dedicated team for each client that would intensively focus on your requirements. This team would consist of recruiters with relevant experience, exclusively working on your requirements, ensuring effective flow of information between you and the candidates.
We also stay updated on the market conditions and capitalize on them to target the right talent pool and in turn offer the best talent. Additionally, we also provide data and statistics on the talent availability and perform a market scan to identify where the top performers are available.We use out-of-the-box sourcing techniques and leave no stone unturned to perform search on your behalf. Our passive sourcing efforts with our relevant background makes it possible to find the most innovative and skilled resources.

We have extensive internal databases of professionals across the world specifically in hi-tech product development and R&D fields. We are also well connected with the alumni of top engineering schools in this region. Additionally, we are highly skilled at deep internet searches and social media recruiting.


Calling all hackers, programmers and scientists looking to work with our Silicon Valley Clients. Reach out to us for more details on